Armand Dijcks
Armand Dijcks
Creating Moving Images



Wave cinemagraphs in collaboration with Ray Collins

Elemental consists of a short film and a collection of cinemagraphs created in collaboration with world-renowned ocean photographer Ray Collins. Ray’s still images were brought to life using various techniques, creating the illusion of waves that are in motion, yet never breaking. The cinemagraphs from the Elemental collection are available in 8K resolution and the film in 4K resolution.

Color abstracts - Framegrab 02.jpg



Generative visuals in 8K resolution

Chromodynamics is an abstract exploration in color and motion. The visuals were created generatively in 8K resolution. The process required a lot of experimentation with different color schemes and distortion patterns. Once set in motion, the colors and patterns evolve endlessly. This film is a compilation of the most interesting ones. The frame grabs below show the intricate patterns and interactions that evolve between colors and shapes.

New York Cityscapes.jpg

New York Cityscapes


Ultra high resolution motion and still visuals of New York City

The New York Cityscapes collection captures the beautiful and ever changing light on the NYC skyline at sunset and sunrise. The city was captured in high resolution stills as well as 4K video, both of which were then combined to create large panoramic stills and cinemagraphs, with up to 260 megapixels for the still images and up to 42K of horizontal resolution for the motion content.

Aerial Oceanscapes 01.jpg

Aerial Oceanscapes


Panoramic ocean aerials

Sometimes the ocean seen from above can look like an abstract painting. Aerial Oceanscapes is a collection of footage captured during the filming of a high resolution panoramic aerial shot. The final result is a moving aerial pano in 12K horizontal resolution.

The Infinite Now.jpg

The Infinite Now


Wave cinemagraphs in collaboration with Ray Collins

What if you could experience a single moment forever? That was the idea behind The Infinite Now, the first collection of cinemagraphs and a subsequent short film created in collaboration with ocean photographer Ray Collins. Ray captures waves from a unique perspective, showing the amazing shapes and colours created by the interaction between water and light. Although a photograph is captured in a split second, these moments are stretched into infinity in The Infinite Now.

Space 01.jpg

Space Cinemagraphs


Capturing the view from the International Space Station

In recent years I’ve been fortunate to be able to work with Dutch astronaut André Kuipers, who completed two missions to the International Space Station. André and his fellow crew members captured a vast library of images, among which many beautiful time lapse sequences. The best ones were processed, starting from the raw images, and transformed into infinitely looping cinemagraphs, allowing the viewer to admire the view of our planet in a new way.



About Armand Dijcks

Armand pushes the boundaries of visual storytelling by merging traditional still photography and motion into new hybrid visual formats. In his work, he combines lapse photography, stills and video footage, playing with the element of time to show his subject in ways never seen before.

Armand’s visuals are often created to be displayed on high resolution screens (8K or greater) for an immersive experience. His work has been featured around the world in museum exhibitions, architectural installations, TV shows and commercials, cinema, on electronic devices, and in live performances.



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