The Infinite Now


Wave cinemagraphs in collaboration with Ray Collins

What if you could experience a single moment forever? That was the idea behind The Infinite Now, the first collection of cinemagraphs and a subsequent short film created in collaboration with ocean photographer Ray Collins. Ray captures waves from a unique perspective, showing the amazing shapes and colours created by the interaction between water and light. Although a photograph is captured in a split second, these moments are stretched into infinity in The Infinite Now. It takes an infinitesimal sliver of time, and allows the viewer enjoy it indefinitely. The Infinite Now has been featured in hundreds of articles and blog posts worldwide and received the coveted Vimeo Staff Pick.

The original score was created by André Heuvelman and Jeroen van Vliet. In 2008 a live performance premiered at the Live Cinema Festival in Rome under the name The Infinite Now Live. Since then, André has taken this concept to various locations around the world together with pianist Mike del Ferro.

The cinemagraphs from the Infinite Now collection are available in 8K resolution and the film in 4K resolution. For licensing inquiries contact






Round Blue








La Mer