For those who want the ultimate experience, I offer private workshops on location. You'll have full access to my knowledge, whether it's about photography or cinematography, production or post-production. The private workshops are tailored specifically to what you want to learn, and offer lots of flexibility. The workshop takes place in a location of your own choice. Contact me to discuss the possibilities.


What to expect?

Personal in-the-field training

The workshop will be tailored on your own needs and wishes. I'm there for you througout the whole process from developing your vision, to choosing the best angle and composition and finally setting up your shot. Instead of providing just generic information, we focus specifically on what you want to learn.

Spectacular locations

Private workshops can take place in spectacular locations almost anywhere in the world. Choose your own location or ask me for suggestions.

Personalized post processing sessions

Instead of just giving a demo of certain processing techniques, I'll personally walk you through the process step by step, even using your own images if you wish. Doing this allows you to really internalize what you learn so you can try it for yourself later.

Video chat

An optional video chat before the workshop helps you get the most out of the time we spend on location. Together, we'll determine your interests and goals for the workshop .


Informal exchange of knowledge

Formal classroom sessions are great, but in real life, valuable knowledge is often gained from chatting in person, in a more casual setting. During the workshop there will be plenty of opportunities for this.

Post-workshop mentorship

I believe that learning doesn't stop after you return home from my workshops. That's why I offer you personal mentorship via  video chats, up to one month after the workshop. This way you can take the time to  put into practice what you have learned, and ask any questions.