New York Cityscapes


Ultra high res stills and motion visuals of New York City

The New York Cityscapes collection captures the beautiful and ever changing light on the NYC skyline at sunset and sunrise. The city was captured in high resolution stills as well as 4K video, both of which were then combined to create large panoramic stills and cinemagraphs, with up to 260 megapixels for the still images and up to 42K of horizontal resolution for the motion content. The video above gives a short, fast paced impression of the different visuals. Some of the cinemagraphs are shown below.

This series combines techniques from time lapse photography, cinemagraphs, long exposure photography and panoramic still photography to show New York City as you would normally not be able to see it.

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The city that never sleeps I - Ultra high res cinemagraph


The city that never sleeps II - Ultra high res cinemagraph


Manhattan sunset - 4K cinemagraph


The city that never sleeps III - 8K cinemagraph


NYC Light Trails - 4K cinemagraph


Some of the New York Cityscapes visuals are on display in 42K horizontal resolution at Museon, a museum in The Hague, The Netherlands. They are shown on an installation of 22 curved OLED screens. The installation is part of a permanent exhibition titled One Planet, that is endorsed by the United Nations. Below is a short visualisation of the setup with the NYC visuals, as well as other custom-made 42K content that we filmed in various locations around the world.