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In Mastering Long Exposure Photography, Joel Tjintjelaar teaches you how he captures his international award-winning long-exposure images. This easy to understand tutorial condenses many years of experience in a way that's easy to understand.

Joel walks you through long exposure photography step-by-step and also shows you the gear he uses, as well as lower-priced alternatives. Everything you need to know is explained in language you can understand so you will feel confident to begin capturing your own great images. Beyond the basics of long-exposure photography, you’ll also learn Joel's thought process behind capturing his own fine art photographs.

This comprehensive tutorial on long-exposure photography, produced by filmmaker Armand Dijcks, will help you discover your own talent as a photographer. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced photographer, you will learn how to get the most out of your shots while also avoiding many of the pitfalls. Included with the tutorial is a beautiful eBook that can summarises and expands upon the concepts explained in the video.

Featured in this tutorial

In this high-quality, information-packed video tutorial Joel will discuss things like:

Which gear to use for long exposure photography
How to determine the exposure time for the look you want
Which filters to use under different circumstances
Practical workflow for getting your shot
How to elevate your image to fine art
And more...

Included is also a beautiful 80 page eBook that summarises and expands upon the topics discussed in the video, as well as Joel's Luminosity Mask Action Set for Photoshop, that helps you get the best out of your images in post processing.


What you get

Visually stunning, information packed 44 minute full-HD video tutorial
Beautifully illustrated 80 page eBook
Joel’s Luminosity mask action set

Available for instant online download for only

$ 59