Exploring Vision


Do you know this feeling: you've taken photography workshops and watched tutorials, but when it comes to creating your own stunning photos, you go blank? You're standing in front of a beautiful scene with lots of potential but don't know where to start? Or you open up your promising image and are struggling to figure out how to get the best out of it?



Master the Creative Process

Creating a great image is seldom a process that goes from start to finish in a straight line. Award-winning fine art photographer Joel Tjintjelaar takes you through his creative process step by step, using concrete examples that you can apply in your own work. Starting from capturing the initial shot to post processing, Joel walks you through the creative decisions that lead to great images.

Create great images

This tutorial goes beyond covering technique. It teaches you how to think about your photography in a different way, while providing many practical tips and insights on how to develop a vision for your images and how to translate that vision into the final product. This way of working will help you create consistently great images.




Exploring Vision will be covering the following topics:


Vision as the basis for your photography, and how it helps you create better images.

Preparing for Your Photo Shoot

Virtual location scouting and other tips to get the best results out of your photo shoot.

Architectural Composition

How your vantage point, angle and crop can change the visual story of your image. Plus an explanation on using tilt/shift lenses to get the desired look.

Selecting Your Shots

How to judge the potential of an unprocessed image and select the best candidate for post processing.

Exploring the Potential of Your Image

Testing different looks for your image, and how your vision helps to determine which direction to go in.

Creating Selections

Combining different tools in Photoshop to create quick and accurate selections.

Vision as the Basis for Post Processing

How to translate your vision in post processing to create a strong image. Learning which techniques to apply to get the result you envisioned.

Shaping the Light

How light behaves in a 3D world and how you can use this knowledge to create depth and shape in your images.

The Magic of the Shadows

Learn the basics of how light behaves on objects and what important role shadows play to define shapes and give the illusion of depth. Joel will teach you how to use and  create shadows to create depth, silence, mystery and remove environmental noise and how to use light to illuminate objects.


The ultimate guide to taking beautiful long exposure images under almost any light condition.



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